• Tooth Fairy Silfida

    • CRM, Paperless dental office, SMS-marketing, Patient re-call
    • ERP, Turnover, Cash & Documents
    • OLAP, Remarketing, Reports
  • Royal Integration

    • Introduction SugarCRM,
      Odoo CRM+ERP
    • Integration with DebitPlus
    • Synchronization with online stores
  • nHealth

    • Medical information system

About us

Vikisoft is satellite company of Royal Integration Group which is responsible for development and implementation of hospital information systems. We have several solutions in Healthcare. One of them is dominant dental management system in Ukrainian market. And now we are looking for partnerts arount it

Viola Medtehnika is a group of companies which includes manufacturing, R&D, oversea department and network of retail shops. We have more than 200 contracts all over the world. In every dental cabinet in our country you can find at lest one unit or equipment with our logo. Focusing on b2b model our wholesale deparment has a lot of different branches depends on group of good. The team of brand managers could support true feedback from proffesional customers. We also have its own training center and possibility to give government approved certificates to doctors. All guests from other countries are inspired by our central office, because its huge. Only manufacturing area is more than 3000 square meters. Last year we launch extremely big warehouse with ERP processes for fast shipping service. And it gives a lot of benefits and advantages because all items from website are always avalaible.

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  • About us

    Vikisoft is satellite company of Royal Integration Group which is responsible for development and implementation of hospital information systems. We…


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Royal Integration invites to partnership

Benefits of Partnership:
1. Permanent information and technological support
2. Free training materials for the company's software products
3. The opportunity to participate in the annual companies workshops
4. Placement of information about partner on our web site
5. Free upgrade software products
6. Bonus for each new implementation of software (the amount is determined individually for each partner)

To be our partner is necessary:
1. Buy a company's software
2. Pass all the exams on the methodology of implementation of our software
3. Comply with the rules established by the company license software
4. To inform potential customers and users of updates and software products
5. To report about sales of products by a partner.

1. Install the trial version of the Tooth Fairy to your own PC
2. Obtain the latest version of the release archive
3. Access to the program ToothFairy Manager
4. Understanding the licensing rules
5. By yourself make licensing of the trial or full version
6. Access to the project management system Vikisoft Tracker
7. The process of renovation and road map
8. Have experience advising clients remote
9. A good understanding of ideology and principle of operation of the system

Please fill out the formand we will be glad to answer your questions





Our location


st. Sadova 192, 31

02088 Kiev, Ukraine

Tel.: +38 050 404 06 86

Fax: +38 044 538 17 86

Email: info@vikisoft.kiev.ua