Medical information system «nHealth» («Health of the Nation») is fully independent complete solution for managing all the processes of the clinic functioning. The software combines very successful work with the data, communication’s comfort, information support of doctors, tracking financial and economic activities, analysis and decision making by supervisors.


Treatment process control

This management system of medical process and clinic altogether includes the next features:

— primary registration and data storage

— communication with patients by SMS-mailing and online registration on the site

— complete information support of the doctor and automation of his actions

— automated formation of the treatment plan


The system allows you to keep the electronic cards of patients with all the data from the moment of handling, provide an appointment, form work schedules of doctors, monitor and notify visits beforehand.

Use of this complex allows excluding queues and planes the flexible schedules for the reception. Doctor has access at the workplace to the entire patient's medical history; creates a treatment plan; defines an appointment, analyzes and researches; keeps a record of working with patients in a diary.


Support clinic’s business processes

Medical Information System "nHealth" completely provides accompaniment of all economic activities of the clinic. Its capabilities include:

 — support of electronic document turnover

 — cash flow accounting, control of mutual payments, price lists formation and introduction of loyalty programs

 — full support of working with insurance policies

 — analysis of any clinic event and activity, up to the consumption of medicines and medical appointments

 — planning based on business analysis


The complex allows to provide communications directly on the workplace or remotely via the Internet. Clinic Management System «Health of the Nation» completely guarantees the protection of access to the databases and the information transmission confidentiality. Working through mobile devices allows you to control establishment process online at any point of the globe. The advantages of the product are its cross-platform and multi-language friendly interface.


Our product nHealth supported on all operating systems: